Cloud Implementation Services

N2 Cloud Services handover clever, simple to use, and safe Infrastructure as a Service solution. Our services provide volatile performance and scope to meet distinct client requirements for development, test, and production circumstances. We work closely with you to perceive and regulate workloads with our cloud servers. Clients use our services to empower them to explore and make progress with ground-breaking applications. Some clients use the service as a stand-alone production environment that is integrated hook,line and sinker with their mainframe or legacy client server environments. Because stability is in our genes, our IaaS solution incorporates network and safety best practices to give you peace of mind. Whatever model of Cloud service you are working with, we can offer the support you are looking for from solution design to legacy integration.

Sixty percent of IT decision-makers say that cloud computing has given their teams more opportunities to troubleshoot strategy and innovation. But getting there isn’t simple.

  • N2 works with organizations of all sizes and verticals.
  • Consult with a committed cloud expert for free, unbiased advice on storage, security, compute, backup and beyond.
  • Get personalized, end-to-end support from appraisal and design to line-up and ongoing administrtaion of your custom solution.


Our project phases include:

  • Expedience: Plan and execute the implementation project
  • Scrutiny: Define, record and approve your specific requirements
  • Blueprint: Complete the solution pattern approach
  • Configure: construct Callidus for your business needs
  • Unit Test: Confirm the individual components meet your conditions
  • SIT/UAT: Complete System Integration and User Acceptance Testing
  • Requisites: Move your configuration to Production for solution go live
  • Assessment: Highlight good actions, lessons learned. Decide on follow-ups.


Our Cloud Implementation service can help ensure a successful and secure deployment — whether you’d like to build a private cloud, use public cloud offerings from providers or develop a hybrid of both. Cloud environments are vulnerable to the same threats targeting premise-based networks. We ensure you don’t expose your cloud assets to risk.

We perform training sessions for executive, program managers, and technical personnel to ensure that they are in pace with what the new Cloud infrastructure has to offer, Our implementation methodology is designed to complement your business goals in order to deliver a seamless “total solution” implementation that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Request a cloud consultation, or call  us to speak with a cloud expert today.