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TDD{Test Driven Design ) is an evolutionary approach to development providing a more efficient approach than test-later practice. As systems have become more complex the maintenance phase has become expensive and takes a long time to complete. The traditional waterfall method of development from analysis, design, implementation to testing have failed to find bugs soon enough leading to inferior quality of product at increased maintenance costs for modern embedded systems.

The iterative and incremental approach for software design called TDD development cycle starts with the requirement specification and therefore helps to achieve speed and quality with its specifically structured mechanisms and captures defects much earlier in the development cycle. TDD requires that no production code be written until first a unit test is written. We help you implement TDD instead of the traditional methods . We cover continuous integration, acceptance testing, system wide testing for each iteration, test frameworks, cost of change, ROI, benefits and limitations of the new test driven design and provide evidence from industry that TDD leads to higher programmer productivity with higher code quality.

N2 Services Center of Excellence team has published several internal documents to support our Software Development Methodology. Our Software Development Methodology is consistent with Test Driven Methodology and Agile Development Methodology. The traditional approaches lead to problems being detected in a later stage, when the app is being used by the end user. Traditional testing is a dinosaur. It’s inefficient, inflexible and it’s a nightmare to deal with effectively. As new projects make progress and current projects continually unfold, the idea of delivering high quality software with minimal bugs just isn’t a reasonable expectation.

The approach deployed in Test Driven Methodology makes the developer to focus in the expected end result and only afterwards in the solutions to achieve the objective making the solution design more simple and practical. There are significant reductions in defect rates. Agile development is a development methodology created to allow small groups of programmers to create high quality software in a minimal amount of time

N2 offers tailor-made application development and full life-cycle design for a range of platforms, architectures, technologies and devices. Our deep cross-industry expertise and in-depth understanding of business processes and information technology benefit organizations by supporting the needs of highly customized and top-tier products and services in the industry. N2′ s team of IT consultants automate processes, increasing speed, reducing costs and improving quality while adhering to regulatory requirements. Additional gains include a straightforward approach which , instead of writing code from scratch or expecting an out-of-the-box installation to meet your specific needs, find a happy medium with using our Pre Built Jumpstart Kits.

So now we have our tests in place and our developers are starting their first sprint. What’s next? Here is where the real magic happens. To get the full benefit of our Test-Driven Development, and to engage our services, please contact us by using the Contact Us Page. You can also contact us by sending an email to