Enterprise Data Management

In today’s enterprise infrastructure  EAI is more and more frequently a mission critical concern. N2 offers extensive integration services for data synchronization, application integration, as well as seamless and secure business process integration. We deliver complex, large-scale enterprise integration solutions across industries

Our Labs leverages pre-built frameworks and adapters to deliver integration services such as ESB implementation, application and data integration, open source and standards based integration. Our expertise extends over Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Apps and we use tools and techniques such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), WebServices, BPEL and Business Process Management (BPM) to deliver complex projects across industries.

Our EAI encompasses following enterprise services –

  • EAI evaluation for Discovery of Solution
  • EAI Solution Architecture and Development
  • EAI implementation in a N2 CDC Delivery Model
  • EAI Production Support and Maintenance – 24×7
  • EAI upgrade and Maintenance
  • B2B integration if required.
  • Re-engineering of existing solution to EAI
  • Troubleshooting on Production Problems

Our execution of projects is from conceptualization to deployment using the N2’s Unique innovative Composite Delivery Model.(N2CDM)