Significant evolutions in the workplace as the result of new and revolutionary technology are taking the world by storm. In the past generation, technological inventions and revivals seem to be introduced every week. … This trend is warranted to continue.

Some of the best-practices that most of the great industry leaders subscribed to 5-years ago are not even on the list of best-practices now. This only reflects the speed at which the application technologies are being introduced and deprecated. Companies demand more sophisticated technology. This flux and continuous progress is a sign of the industry trying to adapt to the increasing demands of the global internet age that we live in. The key challenge to this perpetual evolution is the need for a strong groundwork that will remain consistent and will be equipped to meet the the varying technology demands. The average organization goes through three big change initiatives, every now and then each with a unique set of hurdles and opportunities. From changes in leadership to launch of new products to technological breakthroughs,-we’ve done it all. And if you find these challenges familiar we are here to assist. One of the proven methods for laying such foundation is a good Enterprise Architecture team. It has also been recognized that an Enterprise Architecture team needs a strong Project Management team to play the role of Business Liaison. In addition, Enterprise Architecture and Project Management teams collaborate to perform IT governance to ensure compliance with the standards and policies laid out by the executive leadership. N2 Services Technology leadership has identified the changing demands of the IT industry and the need to adapt to it as being the staple requirements for the Enterprise Architecture team. Customized programs that meet the specific needs of a business are becoming more popular as companies engage the services of functional and technology consultants. These experts can determine the type of solutions necessary to help the business run smoothly and efficiently. To accomplish this task the Board of Directors of N2 Services has created the N2 Services Technology Center of Excellence (N2 TCOE).

N2 Services Technology Center of Excellence (TCOE) is founded on the vision of adapting to the changing IT services and technology industry at a pace that’ is consistent with the industry progress and service sector demands.
– Chief Architect, N2 Services Inc.

The first charter of N2 Services Technology Center of Excellence (N2TCOE) concentrates on some of the core-requirements that have been identified to be the absolute pre-requisites for the understanding of the Global IT industry demands and strategies. The core-requirements that have been selected for the N2TCOE are based on the following evaluation criteria

  1. N2 Services core competencies
  2. N2 Services Target Service Sector
  3. N2 Services Technology Direction and Strategy in the next 5 years


The above three criteria are absolute for N2 Services because our vision is to be the best service providers for our customer base and also for us to be be technology leaders in the industry..

The needs of our customer base and technology leadership should not be mutually exclusive demands for the organization. They are mutually dependent for the success of the organization as a whole; which in turn will need to be measured by customer satisfaction.
– President, N2 Services Inc.