Delivery Models

“Gartner defines a global delivery model as “the optimum combination of processes, end-to-end methodologies and quality procedures, with high-quality skills and resources available internally or externally, in requisite quantities, on a global basis, that enables organizations to maximize the quality of their solutions while minimizing the overall cost and delivery time of their IT services.”

Yes, we believe in Global Delivery Model. Our innovative in-house grown Composite Delivery Model (CDC) from Michigan is the pivot of our Delivery success. In our attempt to support our customers, we offer speed and agility, cost efficiency, overall control and management and align our delivery to meet the expectations of the customer.

The core Principles of our CDC are; 

  • Delivery on time; We do our due diligence before we understand the issues and have back-up plans for the critical stages.
  • Delivery within the budget; We continuously follow and anticipate the cost of the project.
  • Delivery with the functionality; We strive to understand the problems clearly to avoid designing state-of-the art solutions unnecessarily.
  • Delivery in line with client’s company’s strategy: We clearly understand what the project has to achieve in the broad context of the rest of the client’s organization.
  • With the satisfaction of all its stakeholders: The stakeholders of our client’s organization are happy with the results.
  • Ending with an evaluation from client. We review every stage with our client to understand how it went and to determine what changes are to be made in the next assignment