Delivery Services

We deliver our projects based on our Global Delivery Model. Our innovative in-house grown Composite Delivery Model (CDC)  is the core of our Delivery success.

Our global delivery model is a strategic and mandatory imperative that offers beginning to end implementation of the business process lifecycle through a full-service information that balances cost, quality and risk.

  • Affordable High Quality
  • Use Proven Patterns
  • Trust the Teamwork
  • Build Strong work Ethics , which in turn results a Passionate work Culture.
  • Think Global or Local based on the Customer Expectations
  • Verification and Validation by COE Practitioners.
  • Automated Strong Metrics and Tracking
  • Maximized QRC (Quality, Responsiveness and Cost Effectiveness)
  • Diminished risk
  • Round  the  clock Productivity
  • Impregnable  operating environment
  • Exceedingly scalable
  • Tremendous Technical Expertise
  • 24X7 developments


The Global Delivery Model has six pillars ;

  • Engagement Model ;That defines the fabrication and achievement mode.
  • Processes; That set the procedure of allocated environment to ensure repetition, quality and opportuneness.
  • Tools ; To establish that the appropriate set of tools are used to build-up visibility for the engagement.
  • People;  right skill-sets are matched with aptitude-driven business model.
  • Groundwork;  That includes network, approach, and techniques of communication within global teams.
  • Administration; Finally, feedbacks at different levels that enable improvement bringing in innovation.