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Game-changing technology strategies are transformational, exciting and riotous for a reason. They shake up your present situation. They get you thinking about new ways to scale, compete and grow. They move you in astonishing new directions.

We explore the complete range from the user experience across a wealth of devices inside and out and  how major industries are transforming or reawakening  themselves in this Digital Age.

Learn how you can become the savvy Leader who takes your company across the finish line as you look ahead to the next wave of business innovation.  On a normal day, with or without coffee,we stay charged all through the day, with these:

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  • Helping clients migrate their data across platforms
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The new personalization in 2017and beyond

Its another bright and shiny New year

In recent years, it is especially important to see digital marketers have done most things, to keep up with effective Internet promotion techniques. It has  become  a stark reality to experiencing a roller coaster ride with no seatbelts. Technological strides and Internet user preferences can change in the blink of an eye. Under these circumstances, some traditional marketing maneuvers have translated remarkably well from offline to online.

Google hit the headlines when it promulgated that mobile traffic outpaced laptop and desktop traffic in several countries as we have already seen . One crucial question remains. Does the average time spent on a PC  is decreasing? Surely not, this is not what is happening currently.Time spent on cell phones and other mobile devices is increasing rapidly. While consumers have been using their smartphones and tablets to shop online for a while now, to date they’ve been less likely to convert on purchases than desktop users. So what’s the issue? The question demands our entire attention. The real test of the authenticity of desktop is basically its usage., its not time to abandon updates for your laptop and desktop site. We can take this for granted. Here is a glimpse of what you may see.

In witness whereof, 70 percent of companies with a digital marketing budget plan to spend more on social marketing ads than they have previously .And insomuch, as we know that 70 percent of marketers also planned to spend more efforts in time and money on using content marketing to increase their influence.

All this being done, in sincerity and truth, regardless of industry, platforms like Facebook already have paid video ads, and they’re performing well enough to be a new yarddstick. Its a historical fact. Some surveys make it a proven fact that getting authorities or celebrities to mention or promote products might grow faster than  other trends of marketing. .

This is full of deep meaning. Email marketing was the substance of the business. Indeed when ads and content marketing get expensive and competitive, there is a great comfort in having an email list. And it succeeds. Expect to see more virtual sales teams on ecommerce sites in the coming years. Addressing customer questions and concerns in real time allows a shopper to get information at anytime, anywhere, without delay.