Quality Assurance Services

We guarantee to provide testing solutions that are crystal-clear, precise, scalable and efficient, helping our clients achieve their operational and profit goals. We offer innovative and advanced manual and automated testing services. We define what needs to be done to assure”quality”.

Our Proven Capabilities:

  • Manage Testing Support
  • Performance Testing and Consulting.
  • Load Testing and Metrics.
  • Use tools to measure the Quality of Code.
  • Automated Testing Services using Customers tools.
  • Global Delivery Capability.


Business Value or Core Benefits :

  • Increased sales resulting from workers ability to refer to good policies and procedures
  • Reduced costs that result from fewer problems and defects to deal with
  • Improved operational efficiency resulting from availability of accurate, reliable, and accessible data and information for analysis (Quality Records)
  • Efficiency gains through automation of testing process


Our Testing Center of Excellence Method results in the following business benefits through zero defect delivery and 100% customer satisfaction in consistent years.

  • Reduction in production defects by 70% with more than 99% test effectiveness
  • Major reduction in testing cycle
  • Increase in  productivity by 80%
  • Continual review analysis (Internal Quality Audits)