HP Loadrunner

LoadRunner is a Performance  testing tool which was pioneered by Mercury in 1999. Loadrunner was later acquired by HP in 2009.

LoadRunner provides the groundwork for various development tools, technologies and communication protocols. In fact this is the only tool in market which supports such large number of protocols to conduct performance testing.

LoadRunner is not only propogandist tool in Performance Testing, but it is still market leader in the Performance testing paradigm. In a recent survey, LoadRunner has a sweeping market share in Performance Testing industry

HP LoadRunner software allows to keep application performance problems  from happening by detecting bottlenecks before a new system or upgrade  goes live.  In other words  HP LoadRunner is a tool that can test end-to-end performance in application by calculating system behavior under load. We have wide experience in this scenario based single load testing tool for mobile, web, and legacy applications to provide an accurate view of system performance so that you can identify and fix issues. Like most enterprise application development teams we will implement HP LoadRunner to perform user load testing for your applications. Please contact us for further details.

HP LoadRunner Process:

  • LoadRunner follows in the footsteps of hundreds or thousands of human users with Virtual Users (Vusers) to apply tangible & repeatable production workloads and stresses an Application end-to-end.
  • Vusers imitate the behaviour of human users by performing typical Business Processes.
  • For each user action, the tool submits an input request to server and receives the feedback
  • Increase number of Vusers, to increase the load on the Server.