F-Foundation Kit (FFK)

Most IT Projects and performances go through stressful deadlines. To meet the strict target dates, products are built for Rush Hour and face severe operation issues in maintenance. We can diagnose the procedure issues in the intricate nature of technology running within these systems. A high quality Foundation Kit can help in ensuring that all performance issues are traced and any errors are immediately apprised and resolved. N2 created a repeated utility called FireFight Foundation Kit.(FFK).

Our N2 COE has developed Foundation Libraries which helps to speed up design and development of Client IT needs. Our Foundation is a family of responsive front-end frameworks that make it simple to design stunning, responsive websites, apps and emails that look amazing on any device. Our Foundation is readable, adaptable, and entirely customizable. We’re constantly adding new benefits to help get you started!


The Benefits of FireFight Foundation Kit (FFK) are; 

  • The first reason for using them is reduced cost as it’s more economical for your project to lay one’s hands on a Foundation library than it is for you to write the same thing yourself.
  • Your second criteria for using this again is reduced cost: You glean tangible insights and get free support from a bunch of handy and enthusiastic developers, usually in the form of substantial amounts of documentations.
  • The third conclusion believe it or not, is also reduced cost: you get free updates and revisions from the open -source community and free bug fixes.


Areas Firefight Foundation Kit (JFK) handles; 

  • Web 2.0 UI
  • EAI Integration
  • Opensource Middle Ware


Please contact our Sales team for the details of this product by using info@n2sglobal.com