Engagement Models

Our Pillars for Engagement are below

  • We Believe and strictly abide by the principles of Team Work.
  • Our team of PMI Certified Project Managers and Developers use best practices for project implementation and accomplishment to exceed client expected values.
  • Our Near Shore Capability helps us to build the Team effectually and in a profitable manner.
  • Transparency –We provide Visible and Apparent Communication to the team members & the stack-holders. Involving the customers as part of the team makes our engagement model an enjoyable work culture.

Employee Based Model

N2 strives to provide its clients truly value added services, and it does so by sustaining its own employee pool, training them and keeping them abreast of the latest technologies. Our employees are all highly trained in N2’s focus technologies and are predominantly used for client’s consulting needs. N2 prides itself on the quality of its employees; historically it has maintained a 98% defect free track record with its clients. Additionally, because N2 employs its resources on a long-term basis it is able to provide its service to all its clients at least 20%-40% cheaper in comparison to other agencies that rely on costly intermediaries for sourcing.

Specialization, knowledge & track record N2 has extensive specialization and industrial expertise with the Financial Services/Insurance, Banking, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Retail & Manufacturing, Aerospace, Healthcare, Media and the e-Business sectors. It has developed extensive man-years of experience in providing successful outcomes to the various business problems in these industries. N2 also takes precedence in and has vast experience in executing projects with aggressive time-to-market on a fixed-price basis. N2 will transfer all its domain knowledge to its clients thereby promising the highest level of quality.



N2 has an established training center for its employees through which, extensive schooling   and tutoring will be given to all the employees. Quality Assurance; As a software development company, N2 understands technology and is able to thoroughly evaluate the technical skills and talents of its employees– which proclaims why N2 maintains a 98% defect free service level with its clients. N2 has very well defined quality metrics, which are part of the Total Quality Initiatives complied with by the company worldwide.

IDO (Integrated Development Operations Model) N2 gives the flexibility and option of undertaking Joint Application Development with all its Clients. The projects here will be undertaken with one accord with the client. N2 will also give its clients the choice and facility of using all of N2’s resources like office space, infrastructure etc.

Research & Development and Prototyping N2’s development centers and labs undertake research with respect to emerging technologies and provide benchmarks on critical technologies to its clients. N2 is also able to customize research specific to client needs and can pursue fitting R&D for its clients.

Cost Effective Service Provider N2 enables its clients to procure skills at a very low pricing. Owing to market dynamics, N2 can bring its employees from its off –shore and other development centers as well as any of its other locations. This contributes significant savings for our customers.


Dedicated Resources

N2 will provide a dedicated Account Management team for its Clients in the US and if desired, in other parts of the world. This dedicated team will consist of the National Account manager, Regional Managers, Sales people, Technical Recruiters and Dedicated Support Staff. This would result in instantaneous response and complete accountability and responsibilty.