Living & Breathing Data

Whichever industry you work in, or whatever your concerns, you will definitely have identified with a story about how data is changing the face of our world. It might be helping to cure a disease, step-up a companys revenue, make a construction site more efficient or be responsible for those targeted ads you keep seeing.

Almost always, data is simply another word for information. But in computing and business (by and large of what you read about in the news when it comes to data  especially if its about Big Data), data refers to information that is machine-readable up against to human-readable.

Life line of AI system is the Data. The value of any AI system is purely based on the accuracy, relevance and the timing of Data.

To keep pace in a world where real-time data means real-time influence Artificial Intelligence has to apprehend live data. So how can your business run in “Real Time” if most of the decisions are actually based on yesterday’s data? The edifice or infrastructure needs to be updated to work with LIVE data, the data which has just been changed or created- not the data that is of ancient days. Amazon, AWS, AirBnB, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber come to mind as typical examples. Often times we overlook real-time data in Artificial Intelligence. The arguments for incorporating live data in AI is limitless.

Keeping tabs on your health:  Iot invades our lives and elbows us out of our complacency. When a prescription is running low, an appointment will be made pronto with your physician through connected RX bottles. Between the past and the future, Living and breathing data provide help in our present circumstances. Doctors can  maintain unshakeable confidence and keep tabs on how often and when their patients are taking their medicine and most of those who run the risk with ongoing health issues will be able to have considerations such as blood pressure and sugar levels monitored remotely. There is a hidden mercy here. Because it includes absolutely everything.

In the midst of Driving and traffic jams: Intermet of things is an expert at this. Driving will get a lot safer. Few things stir us so deeply because this is what we want. Traffic lights will be able to adjust to real-time traffic conditions such as when an emergency vehicle is approaching. Perhaps, this thought may clarify. Road sensors will make changes to the speed limit based on weather conditions and accidents as opportunity may invite, while also communicating directly to car dashboards about unsafe conditions such as icy terrains. This takes the breath away.


What about Energy consumption: The world is clueless to this sort of math. Neither is this a kind of week-end topic. High-energy consumption household appliances will synchronize based on dynamic price signals to lower your electric bill without any need to make tough choices. Thermostats and lighting will learn your rituals to create the optimal setting based on your daily life, such as turning to your ideal temperature just before you land home. It’s a job well done These gadgets will also sense when no one is in the house and turn off automatically to eliminate wastes and costs. Trite but true, these hopes are so dominant.

Chalking up your Grocery lists: This is the way IoT looks at our lives. For example, your fridge knows when you are running low on milk, and  automatically a new bottle gets dropped into your shopping cart, the cart is sent to your local supermarket ready for pick up, while your car conspires a route there with the least amount of traffic. How odd. Yet how like technology.

Wake up, rouse yourself .It’s  your morning alarm: This is an astonishing thing.The traffic on your route to work and the weather will soon affect what time your alarm goes off. Do you realize that the final brick is  cemented and the windows are open to let in a fresh breeze of possibilities when,  if there is an accident or road block on your usual drive, your alarm will go off early and alternate routes will populate in your dashboard. Of course, your coffee machine will be in the loop to make sure you have your cup of coffee cheerily for the road. Amazing!

Cool right?

It’s pretty interesting stuff, but despite the excitement and many (many) concerns about personal privacy, you could see the IoT as something else.

Do you have a slightly more innovative use for the IoT, than your laundry basket texting you because you are running low on socks, and informing the washing machine to power up? “Are  all these descriptions just figurative? we ask with life-and-death seriousness. Its all about perspective. The outpourings of this blessing ebb and flow in ways  far too mysterious  for us to judge and yet, IoT is not a magic wand that can be waved to make our headaches disappear. The possibilities are only as limitless as the technology, and the Internet is a pretty big place.