MuleSoft has released a new product, Mule Data Integrator. Mule Data Integrator is a free product and developers can use it. It includes an Eclipse-based designer that is fully integrated with Mule IDE. The greatest ultimatum in implementing SOA is exploring the concept of how to handle the data. Data can exist in relational databases and in various file formats (XML, delimited, fixed record length, binary, etc. with platform-specific encoding). It can be loosely structured (like email or reports), in legacy formats (COBOL), or even represented as a Java object. Mule Data Integrator is a data transformation tool that allows you to easily transform your data from one format to another while passing through the Mule ESB.

MuleSoft provides comprehensive integration solutions tailored to the needs of many industries and business use cases. With over 3,500 production deployments, MuleSoft is trusted by industry leaders.

We have partnered with Mulesoft to do the ensuing services

  • Discovery of Solution
  • Architecture Blueprint
  • License cost analysis
  • Development and implementation.
  • Maintenance and support 24*7