J-Foundation Kit (JFK)

Enhance and Jumpstart your IT Development and implementations with N2’s Foundation Kit.

Most IT Projects and implementations require prototyping and building baseline capabilities due to the distributed and complex nature of technology running within these systems. A high quality Foundation Kit can help in ensuring that all use cases are covered, traced and any errors are immediately discovered and resolved. N2 created a repeated utility package called JS Foundation Kit.(JFK).

Our N2 COE has developed Foundation Libraries which helps to speed up design and development of Client IT needs.

The Benefits of JS Foundation Kit (JFK) are;
1. It has Low Investment & High ROI.
2. It offers higher cross- functionality and portability.
3. It is simple and object-oriented.
4. It is highly popular at enterprise, embedded and network level.
5. It has a large active user community and support available.

Areas JS Foundation Kit(JFK) handles

• (Web 2.0 UI)
• EAI Integration
• Opensource Middle Ware

Please contact our Sales team for the details of this product at info@n2sglobal.com