Implementation & Maintenance

The advancement in the cloud enablement and deployment models have made the DevOps implementation as simple as possible. With customized frameworks, implementing a plan for your business has never been this easy. Further, many end customers are increasingly opting for both Cloud and Data Center hybrid environments. With inherent advantages around DevOps, Automation, and Cloud-native application design, N2S is well-placed to meet the customers’ pressing and unique business requirements.

IoT is clearly piping hot, but exactly how its going to perform miracles, is not clear to most of us. This is the chapter that will raise eyebrows. Already today more cars are connected to the Internet than smartphones, and 10 billion connected clothing items are about to hit the shelves (and the majority of those shelves are virtual, of course). IoT-powered predictive maintenance helps identify existing maintenance issues before an actual problem like an emergency or accident happens. Listen to the eye opening words of a global mining company Rio Tinto, modus operandi gaining insight into problematic vehicles by 24/7 IoT sensor monitoring. The upside $2 million in daily savings for every time a breakdown is staved off.

Perhaps some one is thinking it sounds intrusive and illegal but employee surveillance has been around for the last 20 years. One company developed tracking sensors, established on the MIT students idea of revealing the truth behind team-building successes like Google. Sensors in employee IDs collect real-time data on tone of voice, speaking speed and volume, movements, position and posture during meeting together with colleagues. Oh, yes, people have feelings and it is personal. The way you see it is we’re not robots. And machines claim to run the world. Welcome to the world of finite humans and machines that bypass our wills.

The goal is to hike-up efficiency by uncovering when and how performance reaches its pinnacle. IoT-enabled employee pursual can be done in a way that brings precious breakthrough to employees without legal issues or discomfort. Sensors do not record conversation and connected software anonymizes all metadata. Folks would blink. No room for sloppy or sentimental thinking here.

IoT can help us on two fronts when it comes to creating new products for our customers. Inside the office, optimized systems and automated processes will give employees more time to research, create and collaborate. This is far more deliberate Outside of the office, Iot gives the green light. Think of the alternative. What’ s fascinating is the data we collect about customer needs will provide deeper knowledge into what types of products we can create for our customers. But consider this-our  Certified Engineers can immediately help with your organization’s journey towards including in scope the DevOps culture and mind-set, which has been proven time-and-time again to be of a extraordinary value for any organization. We implement collaboratively with end-users. Hard as it’ s to grasp, we help you to identify forthcoming IoT use projects to create new models and revenue streams. This point is made even clearer when we credit you with decreasing costs and smooth service delivery. This teaches in a nutshell almost everything we need to know. At the most basic level it is our deep industry knowledge. On this same basic level it our best-of-breed solutions.  The best is still to come. It’s our IoT devices and systems management. You can say we have contrived the scheme of our own accord. We are ultimately behind every successful  implementation.