Oracle Data Integrator

Oracle Data Integrator provides a consolidated infrastructure to streamline data and application integration projects.


Some benefits are

  1. Accelerated and easier development and sustenance: The analytical rules driven approach to data integration  diminishes the learning curve of the product and extends developer productivity while lending a hand to progressive maintenance.
  2. Data attributes firewall: Oracle Data Integrator confirms that faulty data is inexorably exposed and recycled before incorporation in the application. This is carried through following the data integrity rules and restraints specified on the target application and in Oracle Data Integrator.
  3. Better execution in actualization: Conventional data integration software (ETL) relies upon proprietary engines that accomplish data transformations row by row, thus inhibiting performance. By administering an E-LT (Extract – Load Transform) architecture, based on your existing RDBMS engines and SQL, data transformations on the target server at a set-based level, give you peak performance.
  4. Competent and well organized architecture: the E-LT architecture discards the need for an ETL Server in between the sources and the target server. It profits by the use of the source and target servers to perform compounded changeovers, which mostly happen in batch mode when the server is not busy processing end-user queries.
  5. Platform autonomy: Oracle Data Integrator sustains all platforms, hardware and OSs with the same software.
  6. Data Relativity: Oracle Data Integrator supports all RDBMSs including all leading Data Warehousing platforms such as Oracle, Exadata, Teradata, IBM DB2, Netezza, Sybase IQ and various technologies such as flat files, ERPs, LDAP, XML.
  7. Financial breakthrough: the elimination of the ETL Server and ETL engine reduces both the initial hardware and software purchase and maintenance costs.


We have delivered on track solutions varying in scope including new upgrades which stays ahead of the game. Please contact us for implementations in your organization.