Program & Project Management Tools

N2 Services project management team includes managers with extensive management skill in addition to IT expertise. Based on our analysis and experience, the structured approach developed by PMI for project management is the best in class for project management. We follow Project Management Institute criterion for all projects.


Following are some of the tools used by our project managers in all domains:

Project Plan
All the projects should start with a project plan. The project plan details many aspects and objectives of the project to be executed.

Milestone Checklist
This is one of the best tools the project manager can use to call the shots and find whether he is on track in terms of the project progress.

Gantt Chart
Gantt chart highlights the project schedule and demonstrates the interdependencies of each activity. Gantt charts are used worldwide for any type of project from mining to software development.

Project Management Softwares
With the introduction of computer technology, there has been a number of software tools specifically developed for project management purpose. MS Project is one such tool that has won the hearts of project managers all over the world.

Project Reviews
A comprehensive project review mechanism is considered a great tool for project management. For bigger companies we tend to have more strict and rigid project reviews.

Delivery Reviews
Delivery reviews ensure the deliveries made by the project team meet the customer specifications and adhere to the concerns of quality.

Score Cards
When it comes to nail down the performance of the project team, a scorecard is the way of tracking it. Every project manager is responsible for performance reviews of the team members and reporting it to the top-level and HR.

Our project management practice removes the barriers that slow down the project.  Our team has expertise in service sectors.
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