N2S Global – IBM Watson

I.B.M. scientists have been making progress with what they anticipate will be the world’s most leading-edge “question answering” machine, called Watson which will be able to understand a question put forth in everyday human utterance — “natural language,” as computer scientists call it — and respond with a sure-enough, answer straight from horse’s mouth. Inevitably, it must do beyond what search engines like Google and Bing do, which is merely target a document where you might find the solution. It has to grasp the correct answer itself and present it Scientists have considered this sort of artificial intelligence as something out of this world, because it would allow machines to chat more naturally with people. Instead of typing keywords we get to ask questions. The amazing thing is I.B.M have been working on this for ages but all those attempts have been confined to simply phrased questions.

There is a widespread notion today that Watson is to apply its massive stores of knowledge to actual medical decisions. Its just a small measure of years till its diagnostic challenges transcends that of medical doctors. Human medical doctors can never contain that much storehouse of knowledge in their heads.  But heres the point;Watson never overlooks or forgets anything. Watson is also unbelievably accurate and consistent. Watson makes it clear that it doesn’t suffer from human weaknesses and is always available and never upset, annoyed, sick or nervous. Sure, the initial investment is high  but once Watson is up and running the cost of doing one nore diagnosis with it is essentially nil. .If a person has access to a computer or mobile phone Watson can assist them from anywhere in the world.