N2S Global – Oracle Cloud

Oracle Storage Cloud Service is a safe, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective public cloud storage solution. You can take a giant step forward by accessing it from anywhere in the world, 24/7, and from any device connected to the Internet. At rock bottom prices invested in hardware, you can buy just as much enterprise-grade storage capacity as you need today, and buy more as required down the road. For us to be informed , Oracle Storage Cloud Service gives an easy-to use solution to store, manage, and consume large amounts of unstructured data over the Internet. What happens after that? Your applications can access Oracle Storage Cloud Service programmatically by using either an OpenStack Swift-compatible REST API . To get an idea how it works, you can apply role-based access control for data stored on Oracle Storage Cloud Service at a very mediocre level. If required, you can make your data accessible publicly. It does offer” shot-gun” answers.

To put it in a fresh perspective,  data that you store using Oracle Storage Cloud Service is replicated on multiple storage nodes, assuring   protection against hardware breakdowns and data corruption. Your data is never moved out of the data center without your permission. Its there to meet your needs. With Cloudberry Backup you can use Oracle Storage Cloud Service as a cost-effective, remote backup solution for your enterprise data and applications. Should a disaster occur at your site, the truth remains that the data is safe and secure in a remote location, and you can restore it quickly to your production systems. As you can see it is a fexible solution.